Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Dress... Times Three!

It's been a while since we've had a good family photo.  I thought Easter would be an ideal opportunity.  Then I decided to make dresses for the girls... and me!

For Rose and Bridget, I used Made by Rae's Geranium Dress pattern.  I have been wanting to get this pattern for a while.  I held off for so long because I already have a very similar dress pattern (Brownie Goose's Lazy Susan Dress).  However, the Lazy Susan dress is so difficult to get on and off! The back of the dress doesn't open up enough.  So I splurged on the new pattern and some fabric (Happy Home collection by Sew Caroline).  Rose helped pick out the fabric (from Quilter's Square) and chose the buttons (Hobby Lobby) all by herself.

Rose just turned 5 and the size 5 fit her perfectly.  She has cap sleeves on her dress.

Bridget is about 21 months, and was measuring small (size 12-18 months).  I decided to make the size 18-24 months and it also fit her perfectly, with a little bit of growing room.  Bridget has the flutter sleeve option on her dress.

I added a ribbon on Bridget and a sash for Rose to add something special to the dresses for Easter.  Rose's only complaint was that the skirt of the dress was not "spinny" enough.  Next time I might try cutting the pattern piece wider, maybe even the full width of fabric, to give it that extra fullness for great spins!

I made myself a pattern I have been looking at for a LONG time... Sew Caroline's Out and About Dress.  I have never sewn myself any garment of clothing and I have never sewn with knits.  What could go wrong!?

Well, my biggest mistake was in choosing my size.  My waist was actually measuring for the XL size.  I decided to cut a hybrid large/extra large bodice and an extra large skirt.  This ended up being way too big.  Instead of ripping out the stitches and starting over, I just cut an inch or two from each side seam and then sewed it back up.  Then the shoulders were too big, so I took the sleeves off, modified the shoulder seam, put the sleeves back on and it actually worked.  I believe it's because knit fabric is so very forgiving!

The fabric is an Art Gallery knit solid purchased from Westwood Acres. When it first arrived in the mail I was unsure that it would be thick enough for a dress, but it's perfect... not too light and not too heavy.  I can wear this in the summer with sandals and in the winter with a sweater, leggings, and boots.

I am looking forward to making this again so I can see what pattern size I should have cut out!  I might try a sleeveless version this time :)  I don't blame the pattern for my difficulties, I think it's more my lack of experience with sewing myself clothing.  For a first attempt, I'm pretty proud of how it turned out!

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